What I do

Lennart inspires and supports people and organizations in finding their way and mastering the evolutionary challenges of our time.

He likes to think of our current societal problems (including all the existential- and catastrophic risks with AI, climate change, etc.) as „evolutionary challenges“ and thinks that neither young nor old generations should not carry this burden alone! He therefore bridges gaps between the generations and between different sub-groups of Gen Z.

His heart lights up when people ask themselves who they are and why they are here. To support their natural process of self-discovery he creates spaces in which they can playfully allow for deeper intimacy with themselves, with others and with that which creates everything. Lennart gives courses at universities, he co-founded the Integral Youth Gathering and presented at the Integral European conference in 2023.

He has a bachelor's degree in education and studies with internationally known experts in the fields of education, self-development, coaching and spirituality. His main influences include Dustin DiPerna, Integral Theory by Ken Wilber, the STAGES model by Terri O'Fallon and Coaching-principles by Tobias Kohnermann.

Podcasts with me

In this episode hosted by "Ich. Wir. Alle." I share my perspective and approach for supporting Gen Z in their self-discovery (in German).

In this episode hosted by "Bold and Curious" I share about personal my journey of self-discovery (in German).

My story

When I turned 16 I had an early-life-crisis as when I realized that I had no idea who I am and what my life is about. Looking back now I am very grateful and see this crisis as one of the best things that happened to me in my life. This phase of confusion and wandering in the dark opened me up and led to discovering a lot of new things.

Feeling lost I read hundreds of books over the next few years. Psychology, philosophy, spirituality, literature, self-help, biographies, business, novels and more. Being very curious, I wanted my research to cover the broadest spectrum of subjects available. I quit playing table tennis and spent more and more time learning, reading and contemplating.

The realization that truth and wisdom are beyond rational thinking lead me to spirituality. At the end of my first 10-day meditation retreat in 2016 I was astonished at the taste of deep stillness I found myself in. I had never felt such a deep, fulfilling peace before in my life. Curiosity then pulled me to explore further through other retreats, yoga, contemplation, lucid dreaming, zen-buddhism and shamanism. In 2023, I attended my first retreat with Dustin DiPerna, who I have considered my main spiritual teacher ever since.

Life and my spiritual work brought to surface lots of my psychological wounds. With therapists, partners, friends and by myself I confronted my traumas, sexual shame and guilt, fear of opening up to people and inner child wounds. I learned to feel my emotional body and talk about my emotions and feelings. This psycho-dynamic shadow work has become a natural part of my daily life.